vanessa hudgens sex video tumblr Vanessa Hudgens' '$$$ex' video is a 'Spring Breakers' style party

With “Spring Breakers” bringing about all kinds of press, Vanessa Hudgens is wisely taking advantage of the attention. The actress launched her own Twitter and Tumblr accounts, and posted a video previewing a new song she recorded.
The song, titled “$$$ex,” is a collaboration with YLA, a girl group. Hudgens says the song was inspired by “Spring Breakers,” and the video goes out of its way to prove it. The 32-second clips features Hudgens and the members of YLA dancing to the song in bikinis and ski masks, giving the camera the finger. For those that haven’t seen the movie, that’s essentially every other scene in “Spring Breakers.”
Hudgens says she had fun recording with the group and making the video, and hopes her fans will make a version of their own. “You don’t have to go to Spring Break, you can bring Spring Break to you,” she says.
Check out the clip below: