amanda bynes no contest gi Amanda Bynes rejected from flight for not having ID?

All was quiet on the Amanda Bynes homefront for a couple of weeks, but it sounds like the actress/social media disaster is back with a vengeance. After InTouch Weekly published photos alleged to be of a party she threw, which looked to be anything but fun, Bynes lashed out on her Twitter, claiming all the photos printed were fake or altered.
Perhaps it wasn’t only the photos that had Bynes in a bad mood, though. TMZ is reporting that she was rejected from a private jet to Los Angeles Sunday (May 19), because she couldn’t provide identification. Sources say that when the pilot was checking passengers’ IDs, Bynes admitted her license was suspended. 
When she was informed that TSA regulations require legal ID to get on a plane, she reportedly demanded the pilot Google her, before screaming “I’m Amanda Bynes!” In the end, Bynes missed the flight and went home.
Don’t worry, Amanda. At the rate technology is going, Google will probably be a proper legal ID in the next decade. They’re already trying to replace eyeballs. Until then, just get an ID card.