“Downton Abbey” has been the subject of countless parodies and spoofs — but now both Funny or Die and “The Simpsons” have gotten involved.

After teasing the internet that he was a new cast member on “Downton,” Sean “Diddy” Combs debuted the Funny or Die spoof of the show (above, warning about profanity). He says he’s “proudly” an “Abbey”-head, though he keeps calling it “Downtown Abbey.” Hee.

He also welcomes everyone to their first-ever “white party,” which Diddy famously throws every year in the Hamptons. He seems to be fitting right in.

Below, “The Simpsons” offers up “Simpson Abbey,” which is just a brief promo for the show. But fun nonetheless.

Still, for our money, no one can top “Downton Abbey” the musical.