You’re in for a treat, Jennifer Aniston fans. In her new comedy “We’re the Millers,” Aniston plays a stripper who Jason Sudeikis‘ character hires to play his wife so they can smuggle drugs across the Mexican border. He also hires Emma Roberts and Will Poulter‘s characters to play his kids and they all set off in an RV.

Naturally, shenanigans ensue, including Aniston’s Rose having to prove to the bad guys that she is, in fact, a stripper — by showing off her stripper moves, of course. It even looks like somehow, she gets all wet. Woo woo.

We actually prefer the awkward lesbian encounter Aniston has with Kathryn Hanh. Can’t go wrong with Hanh and Nick Offerman.

“We’re the Millers” opens nationwide on Aug. 9.