katie holmes wet t shirt gi Katie Holmes either wins a wet T shirt contest or films a new movie

Katie Holmes sure seems to be having fun. First she popped up at the Met Gala with a fauxhawk and showing a little sideboob, embracing her punk rock side.
Now she’s working on a movie in New York City and seems to be having a blast. Holmes stars with Luke Kirby in “Mania Days,” and Tuesday (May 21) called for them to film a scene playing around in a fountain at Washington Square Park.
Of course, it could also just be the most clever excuse a director could ever use to get Katie frolicking around in a wet T-shirt. Paul Dalio, the director, seems legitimate though, so it probably has something to do with the story.
In “Mania Days,” Katie and Luke play Carla and Marco, two manic depressives who meet in a psychiatric hospital and begin a romance. After this movie, Holmes jumps into her next project, “Responsible Adults,” with co-star Chace Crawford.
If the picture of Katie wasn’t enough, luckily there’s a video to accompany it. Check that out below to see filming of the scene: