urx unit loader 'Bet on Your Baby's' Melissa Peterman keeps her summer dance card full
melissa peterman red carpet nc 325 'Bet on Your Baby's' Melissa Peterman keeps her summer dance card fullZap2it: “Bet on Your Baby” shows funny moments with children; what are some of the funnier moments with your son?

Melissa Peterman: He wants to watch the Cooking Channel all the time. He is making up his own recipes. They mostly involve smushed bananas. He started writing a diary, which is quite hilarious. I know I am not supposed to read it.

Zap2it: You have a lot going on. You’re hosting this, you’re on “Baby Daddy,” and you’re working on a comedy album? What am I missing?

Melissa Peterman: “Dancing Fools” for ABC Family. It begins airing Wednesday, May 29, and the second season of “Baby Daddy” also begins May 29. “Dancing Fools” is like a clip show but using the funniest dance things from the Web, then we air the clips, and I do the wraparound, and we talk about it. And then bring people into studio to do it live.

Zap2it: Did you study theater?

Melissa Peterman: I didn’t declare [as a theater major] until the very last minute, when you had to say out loud and you are going to choose your life. I like to know my schedule and know what is happening, and I picked something where you never know if you will be employed. I remember not taking a job out of school, a marketing job, because I thought if I got in it I would stay. I didn’t want to have a safety net. I graduated and started doing theater in Minneapolis. My first job out of college, I booked “Fargo.”