bjork spiked headpiece instagram Bj�rk wears strange spiked headpiece at Los Angeles concert

Who would Bj�rk be without wacky costumes? She’d just be any other Icelandic singer-songwriter. Luckily, Bj�rk has her own style and sticks to it, even if no one else understands what it is.
After all, she’s the one who made waves wearing a swan as a dress once upon a time. Even that costume pales in comparison to what she’s sporting on-stage these days. While the swan was a sight to behold, Bj�rk is channeling another animal for her look, the porcupine.
While performing at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, the singer wore something that’s not quite a hat, but not quite a helmet. The headpiece, which covered her entire head, features spikes jutting out from it.
In the photo, you can barely see her face, but the spikes catch the light pretty well. As for what it’s supposed to mean, who knows? Maybe she just wants Lady Gaga to know who the true queen of bizarre costumes is.