monsters university kori rae dan scanlon disney pixar Box Office: 'Monsters University' has biggest Pixar opening since 'Toy Story 3'The movie-goers have spoken — it’s animated monsters over re-animated monsters at the box office this weekend.

“Monsters University” took home $82 million its opening weekend, which puts it as the biggest Pixar opening since “Toy Story 3” earned $110 million in 2010. It is also the 14th consecutive No. 1 debut for Pixar.

Elsewhere, Brad Pitt‘s zombies had a strong showing as well, with “World War Z” earning a not-too-shabby $66 million, which outpaces its predicted $50 million by over 30 percent.

“Man of Steel,” the top-earning movie a week ago, took home a solid $41 million, putting its domestic box office total at over $200 million.

The full Top 10:

1. “Monsters University,” $82 M
2. “World War Z,” $66 M
3. “Man of Steel,” $41 M
4. “This Is the End,” $13 M
5. “Now You See Me,” $7.9 M
6. “Fast & Furious 6,” $4.7 M
7. “The Internship,” $3.425 M
8. “The Purge,” $3.412 M
9. “Star Trek Into Darkness,” $3 M
10. “Iron Man 3,” $2.2 M