Chris Brown has released his newest music video, for “Don’t Think They Know.” The song features vocals by Aaliyah, who died in 2001. Vocals weren’t enough though, as Brown also brings Aaliyah’s physical presence into the song’s music video.
The video carries a message of unity and ending the violent between street gangs, with Brown wearing bright red and blue throughout the clip while most everything else is in black-and-white. That’s right, another music video ripping off “Pleasantville.” Take that, Kelly Clarkson.
However, there are scenes in the clip with Brown singing and dancing in an empty room. It’s not entirely empty though, as the image of Aaliyah, also dancing, is projected on either side of him. In a way, Aaliyah is his backup dancer for the video. Let that bounce around in your head for a while.
“Don’t Think They Know” is from Brown’s forthcoming album, “X,” which will be in stores July 16.