While doing press for his new movie, “Now You See Me,” Jesse Eisenberg had a bit of fun at the expense of an interviewer for Univision. Eisenberg is most likely joking, as he dishes out little insults at the interviewer throughout the segment.
“Do you know the comedian Carrot Top?” he asks. “Yes, horrible,” Romina, the interview, responds. “Well, you’re like the Carrot Top of interviewers,” he reasons. When Romina tells him she’s going to go cry, Jesse quickly answers, “No don’t cry now. Cry after the interview is over, because otherwise it’ll look like I’m responsible for it.”
At that point, Eisenberg, who plays a magician in the movie, shows off a card trick he’s learned. Romina is less than impressed with the magic skills and wraps up the interview asking Jesse to say her name into the camera, which is a normal bit for her show.
When asked how he should say it, Romina tells Jesse to pretend he’s looking for her in a crowd. Eisenberg then says the name quietly. When questioned how he expected to find her like that, he says he didn’t really want to and hopes to stay alone.
In a short editorial Romina makes it clear she wasn’t in on the joke and classified the way Eisenberg acted as his “belittling demeaning demeanor.” Still, the two of them delivered an entertaining interview, intentional or not. The magic trick could use some work, though.