levitating magician pepsi max Levitating magician in Pepsi Max commercial not quite magical

The latest commercial from Pepsi Max is getting some attention due to what looks like magic. Looks can be deceiving, though. While Pepsi would like you to believe the magician involved, who goes by the name Dynamo, is levitating throughout London, he’s definitely not.
It’s a convincing trick for sure, but one that the internet was able to figure out pretty quickly.It turns out that the arm that’s holding onto the double-decker bus isn’t actually an arm at all, but is instead a rig that’s attached to the bus and made to look like an arm.
A photo of the fake arm popped up online, confirming what was truly going on in the stunt. Still, it’s a creative way to sell soda, though it doesn’t actually do that. In that way, it’s similar to Pepsi Max’s other commercial, which had race car driver Jeff Gordon pulling a high-speed prank on an “unsuspecting” car lot owner.
Check out the levitating stunt below and let us know: Does it actually make you want a Pepsi Max?