During an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the Lonely Island dropped their new song “Semicolon.” They were joined by Alanis Morissette on vocals, as she backed them up on their rapping examples of proper semicolon use.
Alanis ends the song as a certain point though, to let the guys know they’re using the semicolon improperly. Andy Samberg is quick to let Alanis know that her correcting someone’s grammar is a little “ironic.”
Samberg is, of course, alluding to Morissette’s 1996 song “Ironic,” which is filed with examples of irony that aren’t even remotely ironic (Like rain on your wedding day). 
After Andy’s funny dig, Alanis replies with a simple, “F*** you,” before her song starts to play, with the singer going through the chorus.
As the song ends, Andy says the Lonely Island and Alanis have a simple message for grammarians in the world, “Eat a d***.” The audience then showered them with flowers, because that’s what you do for awesome things.