deval patrick drunk governor gi Mass. Governor Deval Patrick got drunk after Boston bombing suspect was caught

After Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was arrested as a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, Massachusets Governor Deval Patrick admits he went to his rural home that day and celebrated in peace, with some drinks.
After a swim at the vacation home, he decided to go to dinner alone to read a book, the Boston Herald reports. The co-owner of the restaurant he visited, Maggie Merelle, seated him separate from other diners, allowing for a quiet meal.
“[Maggie] starts bringing me things to drink as a celebration,” Patrick says, “and by the end of the meal, I was actually quite drunk, by myself.”
You wouldn’t have been able to tell it by looking at him, though. At least, Merelle couldn’t. “He wasn’t tipsy. I never would have known,” she recalls. As for the dinner he had with those drinks, it sounds like a true feast. Merelle says Governor Patrick enjoyed duck confit, french fries, soup and a salad. She adds he had a “glass of chardonnay or two.”
When the meal was over, Patrick realized he didn’t have any money on him. Of course, when you’re a governor the old dine and dash probably isn’t the safest bet. Instead he asked if he could bring the money in the next day, which he did.