pope francis blesses harleys harley davidson gi Pope Francis blesses Harley Davidsons to celebrate 110th anniversary

The Pope is a busy guy. There’s over a billion members of the Catholic church around the world, and that’s a lot of people to preside over. Fortunately, he’s still able to find time to hang out with bikers.
Sunday, June 16, thousands of Harley-Davidsons, and those riding them, descended upon the Vatican, CBS News reports. The Pope then arrived in his :Pope-mobile,: an open-top Jeep, to carry out Sunday service, as the bikers sat in St. Peter’s Square, along with nuns and thousands who were gathered for a pro-life rally, which wasn’t related to the Harley gathering.
The bikers, estimated at possibly half a million, came to Rome as part of a celebration of Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary. After the service, Pope Francis gave a blessing to the “numerous participants” of the motorcycling group.
For their part, the motorcycle manufacturer gave the Pope two classic Harleys, both white, for use by the Vatican’s police. Not a bad gift.