pretty-little-liars-A-messages-infographic.jpgOne of the central constructs (and most fun parts) of “Pretty Little Liars” is the messages the girl receive from the mysterious “A.” In honor of the Season 4 premiere, Zap2it has put together this handy cellphone graphic taking a look at “A’s” messages over the first three seasons.

As you can see, Hanna has received the most “A” messages over the years, which surprised us, actually — especially since we know she’s “A’s” prime target for Season 4.

We also like how “A” has gotten less profane over the years — and how s/he has more incidents of both threatening bodily harm and helping the Liars out. That “A,” quite an enigma wrapped in a riddle.

If you’re having trouble viewing the graphic, check out our link here.

What do you think, Liars fans? “Pretty Little Liars” returns Tuesday night, June 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family. We can hardly wait!