rihanna justin bieber youtube gi Rihanna beats Justin Bieber to become YouTube's top artist

Beliebers around the world must be falling apart at the news their king has fallen. Up until Tuesday (June 18), Justin Bieber was YouTube’s most popular musical artist with nearly 4 billion views to his videos.
However, Rihanna took the edge Tuesday morning, jumping ahead of Bieber by around 2 million views. She also has nearly 4 million more subscribers than the “All Around The World” singer. She does all this with two less videos posted than Bieber.
Justin doesn’t have much to worry about, though. He’s still got the Twitter edge by a large margin. While RiRi recently crossed the 30 million follower line, Biebs is over 40 million, the most of anyone on the social networking website.
In the long run, the one Bieber and Rihanna need to be on the lookout for is Psy. The “Gangnnam Style” rapper is closing in on 3 billion views.