An ancient Egyptian statue at the Manchester Museum in England it getting quite a bit of attention. A time-lapse video from a security camera shows the 10-inch statue spinning.
The statue is seen turning on its own in broad daylight, and ends up facing away from visitors to the museum. The 4,000 year old statue is locked in a glass case, leaving museum employees with no idea what’s happening.
Dr. Campbell Price, a curator of Egyptian artifacts in the museum, thought someone was playing a prank at first.”Most Egyptologists are not superstitious people,” he says to the Sun. “I wondered who had changed the object’s position without telling me.” However, he says the next two times he looked at the statue, it was facing different directions as well.
Price also notes that nothing else in the display has moved, just the one statue. As for an explanation, there doesn’t seem to be one just yet.
So what do you think, is this a clever hoax or is something spooky going on? Check out the video above and just for yourself.