flavor flav chicken and ribs eviction closes gi Flavor Flav loses last chicken and ribs restaurant to eviction

Bad news for Flavor Flav and chicken enthusiasts everywhere. His last surviving chicken and ribs restaurant has closed it’s doors. It’s not necessarily by choice though, it seems Flav and his food were evicted.
According to TMZ, Flavor Flav’s Chicken & Ribs has been booted from their Sterling Heights, Mich. after a failure to pay rent. The restaurant was first evicted in June, but a Motion of Stay was filed in court to temporarily stop it from happening, allowing the restaurant to reopen.
However, the Motion to Stay came with the condition that Flav and his business partners work with the location’s landlord to come to an agreement on the missed rent. Well, that never happened, so the eviction commenced. Moving trucks were seen unloading equipment from the restaurant Wednesday (July 24).
Previously, Flav closed down restaurants in Las Vegas and Iowa.