sandra bullock gravity drifting movie 'Gravity': Sandra Bullock is drifting through space in new clip

The clips being released for Alfonso Cuaron’s upcoming movie, “Gravity,” might be some of the most stress-inducing film marketing ever. The movie finds Sandra Bullock floating through space, with only her suit keeping her alive.
The first one, “Detached” shows how she became stranded after her shuttle was struck by debris during an attempted space walk. Geogre Clooney’s character tries to rescue her, but is unable to and she’s hurled out into nothingness.
The new clip, “Drifting,” shows Bullock trying to contact both her shuttle and mission control, to no avail. All the while, she is drifting further and further away into space, unable to right herself and stop flipping.
One of the eerier aspects about the clips is how silent they are. Even throughout the destruction of the shuttle, the only sound that can be heard is radio chatter, as there is no noise in space.
“Gravity” will be in theaters October 4. Take a look at the clip below: