jay z drops hyphen Jay Z drops the hyphen from his nameRapper Jay Z is no longer “Jay-Z” — he has dropped the hyphen. And apparently it happened like three years ago.

Billboard editor Joe Levy first broke the news on Twitter, writing, “Breaking: Jay Z has dropped the hyphen from his name, according to his
label. I am not kidding. (Wish I was.) Copy editors: take note.”

Then E! reports that a source tells them Jay Z actually dropped the hyphen three years ago, and also that he wants it written in all caps. So, it’s JAY Z. Which feels an awful lot like we’re shouting his name, so we don’t think we’re gonna do that.

Here are a few responses from around the music world:

“Weak.” — Ke$ha

“Can we buy Jay Z’s hyphen?” — Emblem3

“Amateur.” — Prince