Justin Bieber acting out of control and as if he can do anything he wants continues, as TMZ has video of the pop star urinating into a mop bucket in a restaurant kitchen.

TMZ is told the clip was shot earlier this year when Bieber and his entourage were leaving a nigihtclub by exiting through the restaurant kitchen. And instead of using a restroom like a normal person, Bieber decides to pee in some poor janitor’s mop bucket while laughing like an idiot.

And his “Wild Kidz” entourage buddies act like this is a moment to remember.

Then on the way out of the restaurant, Bieber sprays window cleaner on a photo of President Bill Clinton that hangs on the wall, shouting, “F*** Bill Clinton.”

So, have we started an office pool yet for the total implosion of Bieber? Whatcha got?