kristen stewart paparazzi blasts trashes Kristen Stewart blasts paparazzi: 'You don't deserve to breathe the same air I do'

You don’t want to catch Kristen Stewart on the wrong day if you’re the paparazzi, she may tear you a new one. That’s what happened to a photographer Monday (July 29), when he tried to ask Kristen a question.
The video (which can be seen at TMZ) begins with the photographer asking Kristen, “Why are you saying f*** off?” Stewart is hiding behind a fence when she replies, “Because you’re a piece of s***. You don’t deserve to breathe the same air I do.” That seems a little harsh, but there’s no telling what happened prior to the beginning of the video. She also calls him “f*** face.”
Ever the gentleman, the photographer responds in kind, asking if she was back together with Robert Pattinson or dating anyone else at the moment. Kristen wisely ignores the questions, getting into a car to leave. The parting shot from the paparazzo? A promise to see her next movie. Surely she appreciates the support.