gaby hoffmann veronica mars 'Veronica Mars' movie casts Gaby Hoffmann as ...The “Veronica Mars” movie has added another fun celebrity to its ever-growing roster of returning faces and guest stars.

Gaby Hoffmann, who you may know best from her childhood turns in “Uncle Buck,” “Field of Dreams” and “Now and Then,” but who also gave a memorable guest-starring appearance on “Louie” last summer, has been cast as a suspect in Veronica’s investigation, a source tells Zap2it. We have reached out for comment on Hoffmann’s role but have not heard back as of yet.

We don’t know if said Mars investigation is the same one that has to do with a certain A-list celebrity’s hidden camera video scandal or if it’s something unrelated — because leave it to Veronica to come home for her 10-year high school reunion and get involved in several different cases.

The “Veronica Mars” is scheduled for an early 2014 release.