brock lesnar wwe italian food gi WWE's Brock Lesnar knocks out $500 meal, what did he eat?

When he’s not busy body slamming guys, former UFC Champion and current WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar can take the time to battle a different foe: hunger. The 6’3″, 287 pound fighter proved that Monday while out to dinner with his wife, former WWE diva Sable.
According to TMZ, the couple ended up at Fresco, an Italian restaurant in Montclair, N. J. While there, Lesnar put away a serious amount of food. In addition to the ahi tuna with asparagus and Margherita pizza he shared with his wife, Lesnar wolfed down a full bowl of Parpadelle Bolognese and an order of Chicken Parmesan with triple extra chicken.
When the bill came, the damage rang up at more than $500 for the dinner. He also made sure to leave a generous tip for those who stuck around after closing time to serve him and his wife. Maybe Lesnar isn’t as bad as the guy he portrays on TV.