randy orton attacked wwe south africa WWE's Randy Orton attacked by fan in the ring   Watch the video

During a live event in Cape Town, South Africa, WWE superstar Randy Orton was attacked by a fan Tuesday (July 30). Orton was posing for the crowd on a turnbuckle, when the fan entered the ring behind him and punched him in the testicles.
Orton quickly fell to the ground as security swarmed the fan, pulling him from the ring. Randy recovered quickly enough to kick the intruder as he was taken away.
WWE issued a statement on the incident, reading, “Tonight Randy Orton was violently attacked from behind by a South African fan, who is currently being held in jail pending criminal charges. The extent of Orton’s injuries are unknown at this time.”
The company has also released video of the attack, recorded by a fan, which you can watch below: