urx unit loader 'Ben Hur' remake to be directed by 'Wanted's' Timur Bekmambetov?
timur bekmambetov ben hur gi 'Ben Hur' remake to be directed by 'Wanted's' Timur Bekmambetov?

MGM’s planned “Ben-Hur” remake is close to finding itself a director. According to a new report, the studio is in talks with Timur Bekmambetov to helm the project.

Bekmambetov is known best in the United States for his films “Wanted” and “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” and in Russia he’s well loved for his supernatural movies “Night Watch” and “Day Watch.” All four films are adaptations, so clearly Bekmambetov knows a thing or two about taking a project from the page to the big screen.

Still, Bekmambetov seems like a strange choice to bring to life one of the most famous stories ever. The last adaptation of “Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ,” which starred Charlton Heston, is now considered a classic, and Bekmambetov’s take will likely be significantly different from that. But maybe that’s exactly what MGM wants: a new, visually affective version of “Ben-Hur” that people won’t continually compare to the Heston movie.

MGM hasn’t officially landed Bekmambetov as director, so this isn’t set in stone yet. No word on when this “Ben-Hur” film, which was penned by Keith Clarke, will hit the big screen.