mcdonalds mighty wings us restaurants McDonald's 'Mighty Wings' coming to all U.S. restaurants

There’s a big change coming to McDonald’s restaurants. After testing them out in Chicago-area stores earlier in the year, the Golden Arches will be rolling out their chicken “Mighty Wings” on menus around the Unites States, the Chicago Tribune reports.
The company says they will begin adding them to menus on September 9, with a goal of having them at all locations by September 24. The addition isn’t permanent though, as “Mighty Wings” are only sticking around until the end of November.
The wings will come in sizes of three, five and ten pieces with a variety of possibly dipping sauces. They join other recent additions to the McDonald’s menu, including egg white ‘Delight McMuffins’ and a line of specialty Quarter Pounder burgers. Perhaps they’ll fare better than ‘Fish McBites‘, which have disappeared from the menu.