miley cyrus michael jordan 23 bikini rap Miley Cyrus rocks Michael Jordan jersey bikini, raps on '23'   Listen to the preview

Miley Cyrus is moving forward from her Video Music Awards performance, by stripping down to a bikini made to look like Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls jersey for the “23” music video. The track is from producer Mike Will Made It and features Miley rapping, alongside Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J.
That’s right, Miley is rapping on the song, which isn’t about Jordan, who wore the number 23, but rather his iconic Air Jordan sneakers. She tweeted the photo of herself on the video’s set in the Jordan bikini, along with another where she’s in a locker room wearing a bra and thong back.
Judging by her outfits and the words she’s rapping, that foam finger at the VMAs was just the beginning. Take a listen to Miley’s rap below (skip forward to 6:40).
Warning: The song contains foul language, including f-bombs.