urx unit loader 'Parks and Recreation' as horror film? Watch the hysterical new trailer

Leslie Knope can be intense in her fervent quest for political righteousness, but could it ever escalate into homicidal tendencies?

A new trailer for “Parks and Recreation” re-imagines the goings-on of Pawnee as the events of “Attack of the Knope,” a particularly realistic-looking horror film. Edited in the just the right way, Amy Poehler‘s Knope makes the perfect killer — what with her over-the-top threats, maniacal laughter and frenetic energy.

Who knew all it took were some dramatic strings to turn everyone’s favorite city councilwoman into a total nightmare?

Be sure to check out the hysterical trailer above.

“Parks and Recreation” returns to NBC for Season 6 with a special hour-long premiere on Thursday, Sept. 26 at 8 p.m. ET.