ryan gosling hey girl chrome extension app Ryan Gosling overthrows the internet with 'Hey Girl' Chrome extension

If you enjoy staring at Ryan Gosling and you use Google Chrome as your browser, the internet has made your life so much easier. A new extension has been released for Chrome, simply called “Hey Girl.” 
It adds a pink heart-shaped button to your browser that gives your computer an uncanny superpower. One little click and every image on whatever page your visiting is replace with a photo of Gosling. Every single image. Some of the Gosling photos are even animated, so you can see the guy in action.
The creator of the app is 25-year-old Katherine Champagne, who tells ABC News that Gosling wasn’t intended to be the star of the project at first. “I started working on it and I changed the Channing Tatum photos to Ryan Gosling,” she explains. “Because, duh, it’s the Internet.”
You can get the “Hey Girl” extension for your browser on its own website.