jj abrams star wars episode vii film digital 'Star Wars: Episode VII' will shoot on film, not digital

It’s not the biggest news in the world, but it’s sure to make purists happy. It was announced Thursday (August 22) that director J.J. Abrams plans to capture “Star Wars: Episode VII” on film, rather than digitally, which is becoming a movie industry standard.
The announcement was made at an industry event, BFFC reports. It was revealed by cinematographer Dan Mindel, who has collaborated on several movies with Abrams, and will again for “Star Wars.” The project will be shot on Kodak film stock 5219.
This is a change for “Star Wars,” as the digital was used on some of the prequels. Abrams will commence production on “Episode VII” in 2014, aiming for a release in 2015. While many assumed it would be out in May, new reports are leaning toward a December 2015 release.