george clooney tomorrowland vancouver canada fans George Clooney hits the town in Vancouver during 'Tomorrowland' filming

Spotting a celebrity out on the town is exciting for almost anyone. However, when that celebrity is at the level of George Clooney, it’s a whole new world. Several people in Vancouver are living that experience as Clooney is in town filming “Tomorrowland,” with Brad Bird directing.
Clooney stopped by Minami, a sushi restaurant, Saturday (September 14), according to manager Patrick Rider, and sat as the sushi bar for some sashimi and a vodka martini. According to CTV, he was nice about posing for pictures with fans.
George been spotted around town at other places as well, always gracious about meeting his fans. “I feel like George Clooney is very down to Earth and very ‘not Hollywood’,” says entertainment reporter Megan Edwards.
It’s no wonder Clooney’s fame continues to hold over the years. If you treat your fans right, they’ll be good to you in return.