“Katie” premieres its second season next week and one of the first guests is hip-hop star Lil Wayne, who underwent a near-death experience earlier this year when he suffered a series of seizures. In his interview, he opens up about the hospitalization, his time in jail, drinking prescription-strength cough syrup and being a high school dropout.

“Kids please finish high school and all my kids, you are finishing high school, yes. But it was my mom’s idea [to quit school],” Lil Wayne tells host Katie Couric in the above preview clip.

“I had an album out … and I was trying to go to regular public school. … [My mom] saw me putting my gun in my backpack and she said, ‘You gonna bring that to school with you?’ and I said, ‘You don’t want me to bring it?’ and she said, ‘Yeah, I do’ and I put it back. … It wasn’t two minutes later, she walked back to my room and said, ‘You aren’t going back to school, you’re getting a GED. … If that’s the way you gotta go to school … so I went and got a GED and I went to college.”

“Katie” premieres Monday, Sept. 9, check your local listings for time and channel.