lsu kent state massacre dke LSU fraternity apologizes for Kent State 'massacre' sign

The Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity chapter at Louisiana State University is coming under fire after hanging a sign from their house that mocked the Kent State University shootings, which happened in 1970. The banner read, “Getting massacred is nothing new to Kent State.”
When people expressed their anger over the sign over the insensitive sign, the university released a statement, noting they do not condone the message sent by the fraternity. They also spoke with the frat, who offered a formal apology to Kent State.
Then came the apology sign, which reads “We would like to apologize to Kent State for our inappropriate sign.” Never before has spray paint on a white sheet sent a stronger message.
This isn’t DKE’s first tango with insensitive signs, according to local affiliate KSLA. Previously they’ve hung banners with messages like “LSU vs. UAB – It’s gonna be a gas. Syriasly” and “Like the Batman premiere, we’re starting off with a bang,” in reference to the Colorado shooting during a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises.”