urx unit loader 'The Crazy Ones' James Wolk holds his own with Kelly Clarkson
james wolk the crazy ones cbs 325 'The Crazy Ones' James Wolk holds his own with Kelly ClarksonZap2it: In the CBS comedy “The Crazy Ones,” premiering on Thursday, Sept. 26, you play Zach Cropper, the womanizing member of the Chicago advertising agency of Roberts & Roberts, run by the father-daughter team of Simon and Sydney (Robin Williams, Sarah Michelle Gellar). What’s Zach’s story?

James Wolk: He definitely has a heart. He is a big kid who is a fun seeker and a thrill seeker. As we see in the pilot episode, he’s a Lothario. He loves going out with Simon to pitch these clients and BS his way through things, but beneath that, there is a real person there.

He has a little bit of the Peter Pan syndrome. He doesn’t want to grow up, and he does a pretty good job not growing up, and he is able to stay in that world. It’s always interesting to watch people like that have to grow up.

Zap2it: In the pilot episode, you get to sing with Kelly Clarkson. Was that a surprise?

James Wolk: When I auditioned, I sang. It was one of the audition scenes. I don’t think the Detroit Opera is going to invite me over, but I know I can carry a tune. I grew up in a very musical house; we used to sing all the time.

Zap2it: What have you learned from working with Robin Williams?

James Wolk: Something he does draws you in, and there’s a certain energy he gives off that puts you at ease. He has a contagious energy that brings you with him. You go, so there’s no time to really be nervous.