urx unit loader Arcade Fire leaks 'Reflektor' with 85 minute music video   Watch

If waiting for the new Arcade Fire album, “Reflektor,” is not something you want to do, you’re in luck. The band went ahead and leaked the entire 85-minute record on YouTube, creating one very long music video by laying the tracks over the 1959 movie “Black Orpheus.”
It’s just one more in a series of fun movies by the band, who has been promoting the album in truly unique ways. First they got their own post-“Saturday Night Live” special that was a bizarre trip through the band’s psyche, then they showed up on “The Colbert Report,” performing under a fake name with giant papier-mâché heads in tow.
While you can listen to the entire album now, “Reflector” goes on sale officially on October 28.