doctor who tardis empire state building 'Doctor Who' fans petition to turn Empire State Building TARDIS blue

The 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who” could get a whole lot cooler if fans of the show have any say in the matter. One of them, a New Yorker named Adam Kaufman, has a great idea. In order to properly celebrate, why not turn the Empire State Building into a giant TARDIS?
Adam has launched a petition asking that the building be lit up in TARDIS blue on November 23, the date the 50th anniversary special will air around the world. It’s not unusual for the building to be lit up to celebrate big moments in pop culture, so why would “Doctor Who” be any different?
Adam’s petition has passed 20,000 signatures en route to it’s goal 25,000, which will be submitted to the building’s management. The paperwork to become a lighting partner has already been turned in. If you want to support the cause, head over to the petition and sign away.