fergie josh duhamel axl jack sons of anarchy Fergie and Josh Duhamel's baby, Axl Jack, a 'Sons of Anarchy' fan   See the pic

If you love a TV show and have a kid, might as well start them young. That seems to be Fergie’s prerogative with “Sons of Anarchy,” anyway. The singer, who welcomed a son named Axl Jack with her husband Josh Duhamel in August, shared a photo of her baby biker, with a tweet of his inner monologue.
“Aaahh #BreakingBad is done!! Still learning valuable life lessons on #SonsOfAnarchy,” she writes with a picture of Axl wearing a skull cap featuring a motorcycle. Though, with how terribly things are going on “Sons of Anarchy,” it’s questionable which life lessons Axl is taking away from it all.
However, they still might be better than whatever he learned from “Breaking Bad,” especially since he was only alive for the end. Either way, hopefully “Sons of Anarchy” can tide them over until “Game of Thrones” returns.