An epic battle has come to pass as Jimmy Fallon, Questlove and the “Late Night” crew square off against Chris Hardwick’s “Team Nerdist” in a bowling showdown. The war is the latest in a series Hardwick does for the Nerdist YouTube channel, which finds his cohorts competing against various groups of celebrity friends. It rarely ends in anything but laughs.
Fallon and Questlove are joined by “Late Night” announcer Steve Higgins and the show’s head writer, A.D. Miles. Hardwick enlists the help of astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson, comedian Seth Herzog and musician Jonathon Coulton.
It takes no time at all for Herzog to lose his pants, which he hopes will energize his team to a win. Everyone seems to have a great time, with the “Late Night” team showing up dressed to impress, ascots all around.
While it’s all fun and games, the various matchups are part of an ongoing tournament for charity. The guest team with the highest score will win a decent amount of money for the charitable organization of their choice.