john mayer katy perry duet jimmy kimmel live 'Jimmy Kimmel Live': John Mayer talks recording duet with Katy Perry

With his collaboration with on-again girlfriend Katy Perry out there in the world, John Mayer is talking about the song and the experience of recording it. Mayer stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to play a song from his new album, “Paradise Valley,” but the duet “Who You Love” is the track people really wanted to know about.
As far as working in the studio with Perry, Mayer says, “She was fantastic, it was a really great experience.” As for the song itself, John thinks it sounds like a duet you’d hear on the radio in the 70s or 80s. “I listened back to it and it’s really convincing, and I watched it get made and I’m still kind of taken aback,” he says.
Now let’s just hope these kids work out. You don’t want a duet with a person you had a bad breakup with, that would just be awkward.