kansas city chiefs loudest stadium record Kansas City Chiefs fans break loudest stadium record

If you think your team has the loudest fanbase and you don’t root for the Chiefs, think again. The Kansas City NFL team broke the record for loudest outdoor stadium during a Sunday (October 13) game against the Oakland Raiders.
With a Guinness World Records official on hand to record the volume, the fans at Arrowhead Stadium reached 137.5 decibels near the end of the game, besting the previous record of 136.6 decibels, which belonged to the Seattle Seahawks.
According to CBS News, that level of sound is almost on par with a jet engine 100 feet above the ground, which hits 140 decibels. The cheering from the crowd certainly helped, as the Chiefs beat the Raiders with a score of 24-7.
The sound also made things difficult for the Raiders, who had trouble hearing each other during huddles, leading to false starts and delay of game penalties for the team. It sounds like an instance where the fans truly had a hand in the game’s outcome.