miley-cyrus-dating-theo-wenner-VMAs-rolling-stone.jpgMiley Cyrus recently confirmed her split from fiance Liam Hemsworth and is now reportedly dating photographer Theo Wenner, son of Rolling Stone owner Jann Wenner, who took her nude pics that appeared in the October issue of the magazine.

But now a source tells HuffPo that the two actually started dating right after that photo shoot and interview, which took place just days after the infamous MTV Video Music Awards performance by the former “Hannah Montana” star and Robin Thicke.

Which means her split from Hemsworth actually happened quite a bit earlier than they said it did. A source also told RadarOnline earlier this month that Cyrus left the “SNL” after-party on Oct. 5 to go meet up with Wenner.

Of course, rumors of the Cyrus-Hemsworth split had been circulating for months, so this news does not come as a huge shock.

And incidentally, Wenner too has a famous ex — actress Liv Tyler, daughter of rocker Steven Tyler.