Here’s a mashup no one expected. What if “Doctor Who” met “The Hunger Games”? That’s exactly what’s happening in a new short from Visual Spice Productions, and it’s pretty funny and ridiculously violent.
“The Doctor Games” pits all 13 Doctors, including John Hurt’s War Doctor, in an arena fight to the death. Unlike Katniss Everdeen, they have access to laser guns, sonic screwdrivers and a fez.
In these games, President Snow is a Dalek and River Song is 11’s version of Haymitch. While most of the Doctors are ready to fight, it’s 11 who says violence isn’t the answer and runs away.
The next Doctor, Peter Capaldi’s 13, has the idea of going after the TARDIS, which is probably the smartest thing anyone could do. Unfortunately, it’s protected by a force field. In the end it comes down to 11 and 4. What will be the power powerful weapon, a sonic screwdriver or a scarf?