Actress Shirley MacLaine is appearing on “Katie” on Wednesday (Nov. 20). The “Downton Abbey” guest star talks about the spirits that haunt Highclere Castle, where the popular U.K. period drama is filmed. Check out a sneak above.

“When I first walked into Highclere Castle, everyone on the cast were talking about oh, it’s haunted and the security guys would talk about it,” says MacLaine.

“Sometimes the original paintings that were on the wall, around the big table where we all eat, sometimes if the paintings were upset at what the action was, they would fall off the walls. So I was right in my element, right at home,” she laughs, famous for her belief in all things mystical.

“Downton Abbey” returns to the U.S. Sunday, Jan. 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on PBS.