Time and time again, kids have been reenacting the first Thanksgiving in school plays. While it’s not necessarily a true recount of the events, the version of the story is getting a bit old.
Luckily, Jimmy Kimmel presented a new story on his show Tuesday (November 27). This Thanksgiving is special, as it’s also the first day of Chanukkah. It’s only fitting that Kimmel has little kids reenact the very first Thanksgivingukkah.
A married couple is trying to get to Boca Raton when they come across the Native Americans, who invite them to a feast. Cornbread, potato pancakes and vegetables make up the meal, until they realize there’s no turkey or menorah. What’s Thanksgiving without a turkey or Chanukkah with no menorah?
That’s where the menurkey comes in, combining the two into one crazy-looking bird. The kids even finish things off with a song, because why not?