Not everyone loves Thanksgiving, some view it as a slap in the fact. Gary Oldman is one of those people, as he notes that the annual feast celebrates getting away from the British. Well, maybe the British are happy the U.S. went away.
Oldman appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to explain how England’s feelings are hurt by Turkey Day. He explains how not only did Americans escape to get away from England’s taxes, even though they now pay taxes with no problems, but “you rub our faces in it with a big, fat food orgy.”
Just to put an exclamation point on his thoughts, Gary also puts a tukey drumstick to work, smashing it into various Thanksgiving dishes, before the food starts flying. If you ever wondered what a one-man food fight would look like, it’s never going to get better than this. No one punches mashed potatoes like he does.