Socialite Paris Hilton was on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Friday (Nov. 8) but not as a guest — as a DJ.

“What up, BFF? … I’m so happy you’re here. We’ve had guest DJs before, but they’re not really DJs. But you actually are a real DJ, you’ve been like to DJ school and stuff,” says DeGeneres, talking about Hilton’s recent Ibiza DJing gig.

“I was there for two months,” says Hilton. “I had so much fun, I was playing for 10,000 people every single night. It was pretty insane. … My set starts around 4 a.m. and it goes til 6 a.m. and then the foam comes out at 6 a.m. It’s like no other party you’ve ever been to. It’s kind of like being in a car wash.”