shawn spencer psych the musical 'Psych: The Musical' first look photo and holiday gift guide for your favorite charactersThe holiday season is upon us “Psych”-Os and we have a special treat for you. Above is a first-look photo at Shawn Spencer in his detective-y best for the special “Psych: The Musical” airing Sunday, Dec. 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

USA has also kindly passed along the holiday wish list for all your favorite Santa Barbarians.

Shawn — Val Kilmer “triple feature” gift basket DVDs of “Real Genius,” “Heat,” “Thunderheart”
Gus — Gift basket from Omaha Steaks
Henry — Gift certificate to Big Terry’s Fish and Tackle Emporium
Lassie — Formal bulletproof vest for special occasions
Juliet — Coffee mug with SBPD logo on it or a gift certificate to Debbie’s House of Pantsuits 
Chief Vick — SBPD snuggie or two tickets to “Barney Miller: The Musical,” now playing at the Santa Barbara Community Playhouse
Woody — six months free membership to a dating service

 We don’t know about you, but we would pay good money for an SBPD snuggie or tickets to “Barney Miller: The Musical.”

Get excited — only five more weeks until “Psych: The Musical” is here. Check out the trailer below.