rob lowe jimmy kimmel candy fireworks Rob Lowe reveals 'candy for fireworks' program on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Actor Rob Lowe is nothing, if not a trendsetter. During an interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” he unveiled his groundbreaking “candy for fireworks” program.
What does that mean, exactly? When a child walked on stage with his Halloween candy, Lowe traded with him, handing over a big box of illegal fireworks. “This has been my life’s work,” he explains to Jimmy. “Childhood obesity is very important to me. Never eating candy must be how he looks like he does.
When Kimmel points out that fireworks are illegal, especially in Southern California, Lowe simply responds, “Not as illegal as childhood obesity is.”
For the next child, a little girl, Rob also hands over a lighter in exchange for the sweets. Don’t worry though, he plans to throw the candy in the garbage, because no one needs that. However, when a firework backfires on the girl, Rob is nice enough to refund her sugar.
Of course, the whole bit was a joke, but is there anyone more charitable than Rob Lowe?