taylor swift holding hands Taylor Swift is really bad at holding hands

Taylor Swift performed at the 2013 “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show,” which is notable itself. However, the more important thing to come out of her appearance is that it seems the singer is terrible at holding hands. Maybe that’s what’s really at the heart of her boy troubles.
She strutted onstage with Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge, hand-in-hand … Sort of. Instead of holding hands, it seems like Lily is giving it the old college try, but Taylor isn’t exactly sure how it’s supposed to work.
Taylor’s hand-holding past is a bit mixed. Sometimes she seems better at it than others. Maybe the issue is she’s not good at holding hands with other women, like Julia Roberts and, to a lesser degree, Selena Gomez.
Check out Taylor’s technique below, in the extreme closeup. Could it possibly be any worse? The “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” airs December 10 on CBS. 
taylor swift holding hands closeup Taylor Swift is really bad at holding hands